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Aug 4, 2009 6:17pm EDT
, with 130 national federations worldwide, opposed to just 70 20 years ago. asia and latin america are seen as key territories for expansion and represent important opportunities for enhanced tv coverage, an essential tool to lend more power to the oar >>smith: we're making a new partner for the distribution and expansion of distribution outside of europe and will be starting that at our world championships this year in august >>reporter: meanwhile they can count on strong support from their traditional partners, for whom the rowing world cup is an excellent marketing opportunity. >>perren: for us really important, a lot of people show it and come here to see it, spectators, but also tv coverage, the spinoff is really good for lucerne >>reporter: so it seems that with or without a lead sponsor, more and more countries are destined to dip their oars into the waters of the enigmatic rotsee. >>abirachad: that's it for this week's world business. thanks for watching. we'll see you again at the same time next week.
Aug 4, 2009 6:00pm EDT
interdependent, china can cooperate easier with america than with its neighbours. as for russia, it does little to garner confidence. the government appears hostile to capital while its military posture is aggressive - as if confidentthat the volatile great bear has oil and gas as leverage. but russia and other oil exporters should be aware that the past year's global turmoil has focused the minds of some huge hydrocarbon consumers like china, which is now taking a great green leap forward - up the value chain. >>fuyong: when we were in school, we were told that there was only enough oil left for another 50 years -we need to develop new energy; it's also vital for the country's development. >>reporter mr c c ♪ in the still of the night ♪ in the still of the night not hot at creating service sectors. and this could hold china back, especially as its population is aging, unlike its nearest competitor, india. >>green: there are very, very few privately run financial institutions here. and that's something that indiadoes spectacularly well at. there's a lot more innovation in the indian financi
Aug 18, 2009 6:00pm EDT
have the middle east, the chinese and in europe and in south america you have two or three countries. all over the world you have some projects of production of caviar. >>reporter: farmed caviar also enables a much more consistent supply. harvest qualites of wild caviar can fluctuate wildly, as can the final price. >>gates: we found it difficult to often quote prices to customers so farmed caviar has allowed us tohave something that is constant and customers knew where they were. >>reporter: and it seems customers approve. farmed caviar took a while to catch on, as much for reasons of snobbery as gastronomy, but so far the switch to sustainable caviar has been a smooth one. >>gates: those people who enjoy eating caviar will continue to enjoy eating caviar so we are very happy with the sales of caviar. we've not seen any drop-off at all. >>reporter: so it seems that even in a recession, connoisseurs will continue their love affair with caviar. only these days the very best caviar may just be farmed. >>abirached: the largest beluga sturgeon ever caught was in astrakhan in 1908. it was
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3